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Branding Concept

Characters Description


Pandito and Pandita are fashionistas!

They believe in fashion and style,

They love luxury, glamour and celebrities.


They prefer to eat caviar and champagne

Rather than bamboo and river water.


They changed their wardrobe to the latest fashion trends.


They love to travel in style around the world, visiting most exciting places, while staying at the best hotels.


They like to dress like a local policeman, Top diplomats, politicians, sport celebrities.


In Cannes Film Festival they walk down the red carpet.

In Hollywood they drive cabriolet,

In Greece you see them in the Acropolis.


Pandita always complains that she should be treated by Pandito, like a queen.


Pandita always wears high heels to look taller than him.

In Vienna Pandito plays the violin while Pandita is an opera singer.

In India Pandito sits like a Fakir while playing the flute for Cobra. 

In Dubai Pandito rides a camel in arab robes and Pandita is a belly dancer.

In Spain Pandito acts like a Matador while Pandita dances flamenco.

In Venice Pandito acts like a gondolier while Pandita is sitting in gondola painting her fingernails.


They love fashiontv and always comment on what they see there. 


They design their own collection.

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